Prtus Set GC

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1.   Operating Scissors straight BL/BL 14.5cm
2.   Std. Operating Scissors straight SH/BL 14.5cm
3.   Buch umbilical sciss 16cm BL
4.   Episotomy sciss Braun Steadler GC
5.   Dressing FCPS / Thumb 14cm
6.   Tissue FCPS 1×2 Teeth 14.5cm
7.   Rochester Pean Foreceps str. 12cm
8.   Kocher H/FCPS STR 14cm
9.   Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 14cm
10. Female Catheter 15cm 12.CH
11. Beacham Amniotic 1/2 Kocher 16cm GC
12. Needle Case 50x30x6mm
13. Instrument Case W/hook SS 18x9x4cm GC


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Prtus Set GC