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The class B autoclaves, series SK07, versions 16 and 21 are the cutting edge in the field of sterilization. FARO’s Research and Development department has carefully selected the new components and has chosen state-of-the-art electronics made using SMT technology. This technology allows to reduce the consumption of energy and water and requires a minimum maintenance. The design, sober and very modern, gives an especially attractive appearance, which is integrated in the consultation improving the aesthetic quality of the whole.


  • It performs class B cycles (121 ° C – 134 ° C B-Flash – 134 ° C prion) and tests Bowie and Dick – Helix Test – Vacuum Test Fast cycle B Flash to drastically reduce the sterilization times of Small loads (up to 0,5 kg – version 16 and up to 0,7 kg – version 21).
  • LED display and control panel with 4 buttons for easy programming.
  • Control of the physical characteristics of the cycles.
  • Comprehensive safety system to control all phases of the cycle and indicate possible irregularities possibility of direct connection to the water network.
  • Quick coupling wrenches for loading and unloading water.
  • Automatic tank loading: internal tank for automatic water loading using integrated pump and waste water discharge tank.
  • High autonomy: 10-12 cycles (version 16) or 7-8 cycles (version 21), with a single charge of water distilled from the internal tank.
  • Automatic water loading via integrated pump.
  • Reduced water consumption: dosing system and water injection pump in camera managed by the software to avoid waste.
  • Reduced energy consumption: copper chamber with better thermal conductivity (compared to steel).
  • Resistance divided into 3 sectors and managed by the software, which avoids heating where it is not necessary, avoiding waste of energy.
  • Automatic stand-by at low temperature. To reduce the preheating time without consuming energy.
  • Simple and quick display control, without using keys, simply by pressing the button on the door and turning the viewfinder.
  • Maximum temperature uniformity: homogeneous temperature and pressure throughout the sterilization chamber.
  • “Last cycle” system – last automatic advanced cycle, for perfect drying.
  • The delayed start function allows you to program the start of the cycle at any time to program a warning on the display indicating the end of the cycle.

Technical characteristics:

  • Supply voltage: 230V – 50/60 Hz / 240V – 50 Hz.
  • Maximum current consumption: 9.8 A.
  • Maximum power consumption: 2270 W.
  • Average consumption per cycle: 1300W.
  • Volume of cargo tank: 3.65 liters.
  • Cycle time with full load tank: 7 – 8
  • Minimum dimensions of recess: 790 x 450 x 489 mm.
  • Tray size: 382 x 184 mm.
  • Cycles:
    • Cycle 134 ° C – Standard From 31 ‘to 37’.
    • Cycle 134 ° C – Prion From 45 ‘to 47’.
    • Cycle 121 ° C – Standard From 46 ‘to 48’.
    • Cycle 134 ° C – B FLASH From 23 ‘to 25’.


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Autoclave Faro